How to Deep Condition and Get Shiny Hair in 3 Hours!

Whatever your hair type, anyone can benefit from a deep conditioning treatment to leave their hair super silky and shiny. Did you know how simple deep conditioning really is? Whether you opt for an over-the-counter hair mask, or choose to make your own, you’re only 3 hours away from the best, shiniest hair you’ve ever had. Read more about How to Deep Condition and Get Shiny Hair in 3 Hours!  at

Over-the-counter options.

Most of the best conditioning ranges offer intensive deep conditioning masks for your hair. You’ll apply them very like the masks below, and comb them through well. These can be a great alternative if you’re really pressed for time, but they’re often pricey and ingredients to do exactly the same job are sitting in your kitchen cupboard right now.

Quick and easy home remedies.

There’s a plethora of really great deep conditioning treatments just sitting in your pantry, and the best thing about a home made mask is that you can adjust them to suit your specific requirements. For a good protein boost if your hair is weaker then it should be, try mayonnaise and egg or banana and yoghurt together. If you’re looking for a great shine-and-moisture boost, mash up some avocado with coconut oil and honey. You can also add your own blend of essential oils to the mask, to leave your hair smelling as good as it looks.How to Deep Condition and Get Shiny Hair in 3 Hours!

How to deep condition.

Once you’ve got your mask of choice ready blended, you’re going to need to work it through freshly washed wet hair. Use a comb to be sure it spreads everywhere. If your scalp is naturally prickly or you’re prone to oily hair, you can avoid the scalp area and just apply it to the lengths. For an extra deep treatment, warm the mixture to a comfortable temperature before using. When you’re done, wrap up your hair in some Saran wrap and tuck it up against your scalp, or use a good leak-proof shower cap to save messy drips. You’ll want to leave it on a minimum of 15 minutes, although an hour is better [and you can stretch it as far as overnight if you’re comfortable]. Just don’t let it dry- make sure it’s all under the plastic wrap or shower cap. You can wrap a warmed towel around the wrapped hair, and keep it warmed with some blasts from a hair-dryer for extra penetration if your hair was particularly dry. When you’re done, rinse it all off- water should be enough, but you can use a tiny amount of shampoo if you feel you have to. Conditioning with your regular conditioner afterwards is optional.

Finishing off

For an extra shine boost, rinse off with cold water- the coldest you can stand-right at the end, and if you’re going to blow-dry, use the coolest setting you can and finish it on no heat to ensure the follicle seals. Remember to never brush wet hair- it stretches and damages the hair- and if you’re curly, you might want to forget brushing dry hair too.You can read more about How to Deep Condition and Get Shiny Hair in 3 Hours!  by Clicking Here.

Simple! These easy-peasy steps to deep conditioning will leave you with shiny hair that’s silky smooth to the touch- and it won’t even take much time.

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