Natural Hair Conditioning Mask: Coconut & Honey

In the mood for shiny hair and no time to head to the salon? Don’t despair! Sitting in your cupboard are the magic ingredients to shiny, smooth hair in less then an hour- and the best part is, they won’t even cost you a lot, either! Read more about Natural Hair Conditioning Mask: Coconut & Honey at

This quick-and-easy three ingredient conditioning mask will have your hair looking- and smelling-great.

The ingredients:

First, you’ll need to raid the pantry for the following:

  • 5 or so tablespoons of Coconut oil. Virgin and organic is always good if you can get it.
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons of honey.

Honey’s long been known as a wonderful product with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, but did you know it is a humecant too? Humecants attract water to themselves, which means it will help your hair hang on to that moisture too, to add that extra shiny to your hair. A word of caution- if you are in a very dry climate, use your humecants sparingly, as you don’t want them to draw water out of your hair. Rather spritz your locks lightly with some water and comb it through if it’s hot outside. A humecant will also help close rough edges on the hair follicle, making your hair smooth and soft.Natural Hair Conditioning Mask: Coconut & Honey

Coconut oil is everywhere at the moment, and there’s good reasons for that. It tops out the list when it comes to hair care too, with a high Vitamin E content, is rich in linoleic acids, and makes for the best overall deep conditioner for your hair you could possible invest in. Depending on the weather outside, your coconut oil may be solid, a creamy thick mixture or a ‘proper’ oil. Don’t worry if it’s solid at room temperature- a gentle warming will get it nice and liquid, and that heat will help it spread into and nourish your hair too.

Eggs are in the mix for the protein boost. They’re also packed with B vitamins. This potent combination will help strengthen and smooth hair whilst boosting growth.

The method:

The process is simple- whisk up the eggs and oil together, adding the honey as you’re ready to use it. A deep relaxing scalp massage and working it through the length to be sure its all covered, and you’re ready to wrap it up [use a shower cap, or some cling-film, to stop drips] and leave it. Half an hour later, all you need to do is rinse it through [use a tiny bit of shampoo if you believe you need to]and voilà… your shiny hair is ready to rock and roll.

This mask is best used once a month for maintenance results, though you can up that to once a week if you’re hair is particularly damaged or dry. For an extra shine boost, keep the blow-dryer turned to cool- or give it a nice long blast of cool once you’re done drying- to be sure the hair follicle remains closed and smooth.You can read more about Natural Hair Conditioning Mask: Coconut & Honey  by Clicking here.

Who knew smooth and shiny hair was so easy? Try this nourishing Coconut and Honey mask today- you won’t be disappointed!

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